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Updated: 15/06/2024 3:00pm

Selection Room Design

Our expert staff are knowledgeable in selection room design and will show you how to best set up your selection room to make the casket and coffin selection process easier for your families.

The most essential component of the selection process is how the caskets and coffins are displayed. Caskets and coffins can be displayed either physically or digitally, however precise execution of this display is required to ensure that the best results are achieved. In order to achieve the optimum output, ACC Higgins will use its expertise in merchandising to assist you to effectively display your coffins and caskets.

If you want to a make a change to your casket and coffin selection room, contact ACC Higgins today to find out more.

ACC Higgins can provide its customers with assistance in:

Selection Room Design

Setting up a professional selection room

Strategic Product Placement

Strategic positioning of caskets and coffins

Key Product Information

Prominently displaying key product information with impactful point of sale material

Factory tours

We take great pride in 'showing off' our teams and processes to customers. Call us or click here to arrange a visit and discuss the ACC Higgins difference.