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Updated: 15/06/2024 3:00pm

Diamond Merchandising System

The Diamond Merchandising System™ is an innovative approach to the design and presentation of your casket and coffin range. It combines proprietary technology, business analysis tools and staff training to ensure arrangers present products to families in a consistent and transparent way using your customised Diamond Presenter website

The DMS provides:

  • A consistent and transparent approach for arrangers when presenting the casket or coffin range to families
  • Clarity for families when selecting a casket or coffin that best suits their needs
  • Representing the funerals home with the same message

Product selection

Analyse products and design the right range for your market

Assisting arrangers

Prepare arrangers to better guide families through the selection process

Custom presentations

Present products to families in a transparent way using your customised Diamond Presenter website

Access to the DMS in your Funeral Home

Let us tell you how the Diamond Merchandising System has helped funeral homes provide a more engaging service across Australia.

Factory tours

We take great pride in 'showing off' our teams and processes to customers. Call us or click here to arrange a visit and discuss the ACC Higgins difference.