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Custom Products

ACC Higgins is committed to managing its business in a responsible manner. Procuring wood from partners who identify environmental sustainability as a principle factor is one of the actions ACC Higgins takes to promote sustainable environmental management for the benefit of current and future generations.

Sustainable sources of wood and wood fibre includes sourcing from plantation forests that are managed in compliance with applicable law and regulations.


Paper Veneer Coffins

Our Paper veneered Composite Board coffins are constructed with MDF or particleboard and either have a paper veneer, lacquered, or stained finish.

Timber Veneer Coffins

Our Timber Veneered coffins are constructed with timber veneer bonded to Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). This allows us to produce the visual appeal of solid timber at a much lower price. We veneer coffins with Pine, Sapele, and Walnut.

Solid Timber Coffins

Our Solid Timber coffins are crafted from a selection of high grade Tasmanian Blackwood, Sapele, Cedar, Oak, Jarrah and plantation grown Radiata Pine.

Solid Timber Caskets

Our Solid Timber caskets are crafted from a selection of high grade Tasmanian Blackwood, Cedar, Jarrah, Oak, and plantation grown Radiata Pine. The Legacy Tribute range is made in North America from Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Poplar.

Metal Caskets

Our Legacy Tribute metal caskets are made in North America from 48 oz Solid Bronze, 18 Gauge Steel or 20 Gauge Steel.

Natural Alternative Caskets and Coffins

Our Natural Alternative range of caskets and coffins provide a simple design for those seeking a more natural alternative.

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