Customer Responsiveness

Innovative Customer Responsiveness

Funeral Directors often work to tight deadlines and require caskets and coffins within a condensed timeframe. Therefore, they need a manufacturer that they can trust.

ACC Higgins prides itself on manufacturing high quality products and guarantees that any requirements will be fulfilled in a timely and effective manner. Our responsiveness is exemplified through our extensive bariatric capabilities, efficient delivery procedures, special orders and personalised products.

Initially, our objective is to understand the customer's expectations and from that point, go to substantial lengths to exceed them.

We endeavour to help Funeral Directors to better serve families whilst achieving premium results.

Can do echoes our attitude as we put Funeral Directors first. At ACC Higgins 'can do' is more than just about production and delivery capabilities, it's our attitude within the organisation and beyond the production process. It's a work ethic that drives the company.