About Us

ACC Higgins - Helping Funeral Directors Help Families

ACC commenced operations in Melbourne in 1973.

Since this time ACC has grown to become one of Australia's leading coffin and casket manufacturers. This growth has been based upon our commitment to support Funeral Directors and strengthen funeral businesses.

ACC has operations located all across Australia, which service clients throughout the country. We operate a large, modern manufacturing plant in the western suburbs of Melbourne. This is supported by an assembly plant in Yatala (QLD) and a distribution centre in Sydney. All Funeral Directors are encouraged to visit any of our facilities and to meet our friendly staff.

ACC merged with Higgins Manufacturing (WA) and HM Quality Caskets (SA) in 2013. This partnership allows for knowledge sharing between the organisations and has led to improved product and service offerings for our customers. As a result ACC, Higgins Manufacturing and HM Quality Caskets have the resources to service every corner of Australia.

In 2016, our objective was to create a market leading national brand that capitalises on our know how - combined knowledge, experience and expertise; and a brand that is the number one choice for Funeral Directors to partner with. That brand is ACC Higgins - partners to the Australian funeral industry, focussed on product and service innovation to make it easier for Funeral Directors to better serve their families.

Our People

Peter MacLeod - Managing Director

Peter has worked in the funeral industry for over 30 years, including many as a Funeral Director. With his experience Peter understands the challenges of being a Funeral Director and using this knowledge to provide training in merchandising and customer service.

Silvo Stern - General Manager - Operations

Silvo has over 20 years of experience with ACC in overseeing the construction of all caskets and coffins. He and his team of skilled craftspeople ensure everything meets the highest standards of care and quality.

Simon Bartlett - Sales Executive

Simon joined ACC in 2015 and deals directly with our customers to ensure they receive excellent levels of service. Simon has quickly developed a unique understanding of the industry, which allows him to provide expert training and advice.

Greg Stannard - Queensland State Manager

Greg has been with ACC in QLD since its inception in 2010. Over this time Greg has developed a great understanding of the region and its people, with a clear focus on customer service.

Paul Higgins - General Manager 

Paul was the General Manager of Higgins Manufacturing and has in excess of 30 years of experience in casket and coffin manufacturing. Since the merger, Paul is the General Manager and serves as a Director of ACC Higgins.

Scott Billingsley - Merchandising Manager

Scott joined ACC in 2014 and brings over 30 years of experience in the funeral industry. Always a student of product merchandising, Scott has learned through working with hundreds of Funeral Directors that the key to a profitable operation is to not only have the right stock at the right price, but to also use the right presentation.